Quick start


Remitano Payment Gateway allows you receive payments from your customer using cryptocurrencies in convenient, fast, and secure. You no longer need to build and maintain infrastructure to monitor the blockchain; stay focused on running your business and leave the rest to us.

How it works?

After registering as a merchant on Remitano, whenever you want to receive payment from your customer, you could use Remitano Payment Gateway API to dynamically create a charge.

A created charge will have a remitano_payment_url, all you need to do is redirecting your customer to that URL, he/she will send payment to your Remitano account using various payment options that we offered: buy coin with fiat, use Remitano coin wallet, or deposit coin.

When a charge becomes cancelled or completed, we will redirect user to the pre-configured callback URL (GET request) and also send a callback to the pre-configured callback URL (POST request), so you could call the API to get the latest information and react accordingly.

A charge will be cancelled automatically after 15 minutes if no user starts paying it.

After receiving payments from your customer, you could withdraw your balance as a normal user or using Remitano Payment Gateway API.

Check out our libraries and API explorer (Merchant section) to get more information.

Supported currencies

Coin currencies

For now, we only support USDT as the only coin currency of charges. Although your customer could pay your charges using other coins (i.e., btc, eth, bch, ltc, xrp), these coins will be auto-converted to USDT before sending to your Remitano coin wallet.

Fiat currencies

If your websites are selling goods in fiat currency, we also support you to create charges with fiat currency as the price of the charge.

At the moment, we are support 56 fiat currencies which are listed here.

Behind the scene, we will automatically calculate the equivalent USDT amount of that fiat amount, so your customers will be able to pay you by USDT or other cryptocurrencies. After receiving payments from your customers via Remitano Payment Gateway, you will have USDT balance, then you could sell your USDT to our P2P buyers to get fiat anytime you want.

FAQ: How do we calculate USDT amount from fiat amount?

1. At first, we will calculate the USDT amount based on available buy offers of your trading countries in our P2P platform.

E.g., if your charge amount is 10000 NGN, and there is a buy offer in our P2P platform are buying 1000 USDT with the price 1 USDT = 500 NGN, we will set the coin amount of that charge to 10000/500 = 20 USDT.

After the charge is completed, you will have 20 USDT in your Remitano USDT wallet, and you could sell it to any buyers in our p2p platform to get your ~10000 ngn anytime you want.

2. If there is no available buy offers with your charge fiat currency in our P2P platform, we will calculate the USD amount by referring to the currency rates at https://openexchangerates.org and turn USD to USDT with the rate 1 USD = 1 USDT.

E.g., if your charge amount is 10000 NGN, and there is no available buy offers in our P2p platform that buys USDT from NGN, current currency rates at http://openexchangerates.org is 1 USD = 500 NGN, then we will set the coin amount of that charge to 10000/500 = 20 USD = 20 USDT.

Sandbox testing

We have a Testnet at https://remidemo.com.

You could register an account there, then submit a request at this google form with your registered Remidemo username, so we could help to set up your testing account as a merchant.

After that, you could config the library to start your sandbox testing. (Please check out the Sandbox testing section in our libraries' README for more information.)